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Are you a Professional…what?

I’m fairly certain my obsession for a library card catalogue unit started way before they were cool. I love drawers and organization (despite being an INCREDIBLY messy youth)…I even had a metal drawer version that I stuck index cards in containing, ughm, super secret really cool things that I didn’t even know about. Well fast forward to the 2000s and, well, a wooden library card catalogue is on every designy/interiors bloggers list, isn’t it? Well.lookie.here what became the newest member of the  household this weekend! AND it’s best friend- a piece of old store signage. Way. Too. Excited. I very nearly brought home the entire word ‘TODAY’ as well. It was the same colour as the ‘H’ but in uppercase italics, which I have a bit of a personal relationship with that borders on frenemies. I love uppercase, and even have grown to love italics, but upperitalics. Nuh, uh.

Best part of the whole ‘adoption’ experience (one that included the handover of money) was when I was asked something to the effect of, ” Are you going to be using this professionally or just for decoration?” Ughm…well I don’t have a library, and I don’t use the Dewey Decimal System in my house YET…so does this count as decoration? I mean I’ll use the drawers for other stuff? Does rubber stamp pads count as professional? Trust me, this running inner monologue was as painful to be a part of  as it was to read and I ended up stuttering out something like, ‘oh,well I’ll use it, can I use it?… I mean i want to use the drawers…’ until my sister-in-law saved me from my own social awkwardness with, ‘she’s an artist’. Whew, he seemed okay with that response and off we went to find arty stuff to stuff in the drawers in case the professional organizing/library police come sniffing around Brooklyn anytime soon.


Hello ‘Ello

I’m a giant walking, talking hypocrite. I’m always saying I was born at the wrong time…that I was meant for another decade, preferably one where main streets thrived, were full of cute cars, people lived simpler lives and technology wasn’t so messy. And then I spend most of my life with some form of technology. I know, ick. So in a completely superficial move, I like my technology to be softened a bit, at least visually, so that it doesn’t seem so new-agey (unless it’s new-agey in Jetsons style…that’s okay with me). In the past I’ve had cork and wooden cases for my old iPhones so with the new Iphone 4s, something a bit different was necessary. Still staying with the natural vs. tech vibe, but this time it needed a bit of personalization…enter ‘Hello ‘Ello’! I found a company that would accept custom designs to be laser cut into wood. I messed around in illustrator trying out a few phrases—the one I originally wanted was ” ‘ello sunshine’ a good cheery message I’ve been known to utter…but I just couldn’t get the type to look right, so it morphed into Hello ‘Ello. I hand drew it, then redrew it on the computer, uploaded and within a few days I had an image of my new design and had it in my hands a week later. Mmm watch out iPad and iMac there might be a branch out there with your name on it.


Living it Up…

When I went to Disney World as a child, I was super excited about the 20,000 leagues under the sea experience. Our family had a bit of a thing for sea things, my brother loved scuba men and my mom and I mermaids…but it was closed. And then I went years later…and it was still closed. And then I went again, and it was gone. So instead I had to pledge my allegiance to a new form of extreme living..this time in the trees and the Swiss Family Robinson house. I’d like to say it’s the gorgeous views you have, or the close contact with nature…or something beautifully poetic. But I think it’s just a childish exoticness that still gets me. You can live in a tree!? How cool is that?!  But I don’t think you even need an obsession for treehouses to “get”  Agriturismo La Piantata in Italy because it is simply a beautiful mod con boutique hotel room—that just happens to be perched in a 100 year old tree with stunning views of lavender fields. Apparently you can have it all…

There are 2 treehouse options at La Piantata, a suite 44 sq metres and a cabin at 87 square metres. There are all sorts of luxuries available, from breakfast served to your room, to the pools nearby with ‘in-water’ chaise lounges. It’s not the cheapest option to stay in Tuscany with stays starting at 330 Euros, but achievable enough for me to start saving. I’ll happily swap the winding staircase for riding zebras any day!

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Faux Joy

Do not be confused, my joy is very real. Nothing fake about it…I mean seriously, wood…faux bois, ceramic, texture, decorative details, organization, labels…!? I love these candles so much for all the reaons listed above and some others I’m sure I haven’t even discovered yet. The only danger in having these under the Christmas tree is that when they have burnt down, I could get so intent on getting the residual wax out I could end up hurting myself. It’s actually happened before (four stiches to prove it)…but if there is a candle that I would go to hospital for, well it might just be this one. But they definitely lied when they said there is a red cedar inside that drawer. Who are they fooling, that drawer is waaaay too small to fit a tree inside!


Subterranean Locomotive Access Tablet

Boy has Tom Dixon been busy lately…this time he’s been ‘spotted’ creating a limited edition wooden oystercard holder (for non londoners, an oyster card is your credit card acces card for public transport). The card was created by Dixon for Tfl (Transport for London) and features the classic TfL design icon, the Routemaster bus to celebrate this year’s London Design Festival. The card was created in conjunction with Alternative Oyster Shop, who make a few lovely wooden holders themselves.

I’m torn between the Routemaster card and the Tally Ho card, which captured my attention for three reasons. One, the tagline on the card holder says ‘ Subterranean Locomotive Access Tablet’. Two, Tally ho is a victorian phrase from the late 1800s with french orgins, that was a cry used when ‘departing at speed.’ hehe. And if there was further love needed, our first flat in London was called Tally Ho after the corner the building was set on. I got the biggest kick out of having a fabulous building name, so sentimentality scores a high nine.

All cards feature
Triple stained for vintage Walnut effect
Laser engraved
Double varnished to handle everyday use
FSC approved plywood construction

retail price £19.95

You can purchase the limited edition card from Tom Dixon at the Tfl shop and the remaining three cards at the Alternative Oyster Shop