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Hello ‘Ello

I’m a giant walking, talking hypocrite. I’m always saying I was born at the wrong time…that I was meant for another decade, preferably one where main streets thrived, were full of cute cars, people lived simpler lives and technology wasn’t so messy. And then I spend most of my life with some form of technology. I know, ick. So in a completely superficial move, I like my technology to be softened a bit, at least visually, so that it doesn’t seem so new-agey (unless it’s new-agey in Jetsons style…that’s okay with me). In the past I’ve had cork and wooden cases for my old iPhones so with the new Iphone 4s, something a bit different was necessary. Still staying with the natural vs. tech vibe, but this time it needed a bit of personalization…enter ‘Hello ‘Ello’! I found a company that would accept custom designs to be laser cut into wood. I messed around in illustrator trying out a few phrases—the one I originally wanted was ” ‘ello sunshine’ a good cheery message I’ve been known to utter…but I just couldn’t get the type to look right, so it morphed into Hello ‘Ello. I hand drew it, then redrew it on the computer, uploaded and within a few days I had an image of my new design and had it in my hands a week later. Mmm watch out iPad and iMac there might be a branch out there with your name on it.


Nom Nom Nom…Crunchy Groceries!

I love a brand with personality (especially if it doesn’t take itself too seriously-hello have you seen the hedgehog wearing a bowler hat and a monocle on this site!?)…It could be in the tone of voice, or illustrations or a whole number of other ways. So when I spotted this Crunchy Grocer concept last year, I thought ‘that’s how it’s done’. It’s professional, but still full of life, whether it’s in the type (which was drawn onto construction paper and cutout…or in the nibbles taken out of edible and non-edible objects…the name or just the whimsy in the typography. I. Love. It.



It’s all been done for a new concept natural food store, which hasn’t appeared to have opened YET, but will hopefully open soon in Colorado in an old school building. It’s a fabulous concept, which you can read more about here and grab yourself a crunchy grocer sticker by signing up for their newsletter here. Good luck to Crunchy Grocer and a big kudos to them and their collaboration with Tenfold Creative on such a well executed brand!


Type of Wall…

What ‘type’ of walls do you have…painted, wallpapered or TYPED? This fabulous texture just goes to show that even a sportstore* can be the source of drool and inspiration. Okay, yes the store is an experiential giant for one of the biggest brands in the world, but still… Although I’d pass with having random tennis players on my wall, I would most certainly fill up a bit of blank white wall with some textual texture. Sadly, I don’t think there is a cheap and easy DIY of this… In fact, I can’t even think of how you would do it WITH a budget. It reminds me of something House Industries would do for an exhibition, which is a compliment if you ask me!

* spotted at the Nike Town on Oxford Street in London (on the womenswear floor )


Present(s) & Correct

Tis the season to be a pop up shop, or at least it is if you want to be something brilliant and beautifully styled…Latest on the London scene is one of my favourite online shops, Present & Correct. They are a London based, online stationery shop that specialise in everything that makes me inexplicably want to have a 35 foot long desk. But as for some funny reason they don’t have that as their mission statement, I think they would probably define it more like stationery, vintage products and handmade work from designers all over the world. As expected the translation of their tone, quirk and design elements worked brilliantly in their mini classroom, choc-a-block with goodies like cardboard desks, giant pencils floating in the window, chalkboard, library cart of vintage books, red post box (for letters to Santa…) and the giant stencil shop name in the front window. A shop truly deserving of some square footage…

After getting a bit starstruck talking to Neal, the extremely talented designer/illustrator behind the shop, I spent my time pointing out nearly everything to David for my Christmas list. In the excitement, I decided to bring home a little present, of a pack of paper goodness, a bit early. The envelope is stuffed with vintage ephemera like tickets, stencils, cards, labels etc…all those things as a designer that you think ‘oh if this only looked like classic ticket..’, to then think, ‘but what does that look like’? It will pay for itself several times over I’m sure of it…you can get your own goodies here or make the rest of your own Christmas list—there’s still time!

To visit the shop, get down to…

5 Back Hill Road, London EC1R

The seasonal classroom open now until 21st December. Monday – Saturday 12-6.30pm
Open until 9pm on thursdays (with mulled wine, hot Ribena and satsumas)

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Images by pillar box post


High Standards…

The pictures don’t do this place justice, so you’ll just have to take a trip to NYC yourself… I recently stayed at the Standard hotel in Chelsea/Meatpacking district and was really impressed. If you like texture it’ll be your heaven. It’s a blend of a lot of different styles, namely 60′s and scandanavian in the main hotel but it goes all out in the eating establishments. Every corner seemed to have another thing to ogle. I mean seriously, pennies glued to the floor in the restaurant, typographic placemats, bright pops of yellow on the doors, outdoor lighting that resembles cymbals atop a lightbulb… It’s amazing I was able to get any sleep at all…

Do beware if you go with someone you don’t know very well, the showers are only separated from the rest of the room by a transparent glass wall…and you are only separated from the rest of NYC by a room wide glass wall. Such a friendly place! Oh and all the boys in the hotel lobby are darling and look like rivers cuomo from weezer circa 1994, how do you cultivate that surreal effect I wonder?

For more information on the Standard visit their website or book or check out Tablet Hotels

The poor quality images of the Living room and outside are mine, the nice Hotel Images from Tablehotels; Floor of Pennies image from Notcot; Standard Grill photo from hotelchatter; outside standard grill from nydailynews


Put a cork on it…

Last week I finally got around to replacing my generic Apple iPhone case with a bit of personality. I previously had a cork case phone and loved it, so this time decided to try out the ‘lumberjack’ case which is made of cork, but has a scratched wood appearance. Well, amazon had a different plan for me and sent the cork case. Meh, not worth the fuss to exchange it, so I’m now the proud owner of the cork case once again. I love the juxtaposition of ‘natural’ texture and high tech gadget, I’m tempted to satisfy my texture urge with an ipad case as well!

Lumberjack Ipad Case by Javoedge $19.95 USD

Cork Iphone Case by Javoedge $19.95 USD

Lumberjack Iphone Case by Javoedge $19.95 USD

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