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Nom Nom Nom…Crunchy Groceries!

I love a brand with personality (especially if it doesn’t take itself too seriously-hello have you seen the hedgehog wearing a bowler hat and a monocle on this site!?)…It could be in the tone of voice, or illustrations or a whole number of other ways. So when I spotted this Crunchy Grocer concept last year, I thought ‘that’s how it’s done’. It’s professional, but still full of life, whether it’s in the type (which was drawn onto construction paper and cutout…or in the nibbles taken out of edible and non-edible objects…the name or just the whimsy in the typography. I. Love. It.



It’s all been done for a new concept natural food store, which hasn’t appeared to have opened YET, but will hopefully open soon in Colorado in an old school building. It’s a fabulous concept, which you can read more about here and grab yourself a crunchy grocer sticker by signing up for their newsletter here. Good luck to Crunchy Grocer and a big kudos to them and their collaboration with Tenfold Creative on such a well executed brand!




Perhaps this is out of season, but just came across this selection of double sided wrapping papers from Turnstyle Studio and had to bookmark them. I’m such a sucker for clashing/coordinated wrappings like this. Bit of mix and match never hurt anyone…unless of course they were mixing and matching violent weapons. Then not so much. When in doubt stick with illustrated birds, pinecones and a dashing of patterns and textures!

thanks to the dieline


Dear Diary…

I know I’m running a bit behind on this, but I still don’t have a 2011 diary (thats agenda/planner for americans-NOT a book for me to pour my heart into). I’ve had filofaxes, kate spade agendas and moleskines in years gone by, and they were all fine, but every year I have a renewed hope that somehow the next one I get will be even more exciting and have me more organized than before. Of course, no blame should be placed on myself, right…? I don’t know how I missed out on this brand before, but Delfonics a Japanese stationery company, has a brilliant selection of quirky agendas…The covers take on all sorts of different looks, messages and languages but the insides stay relatively consistent with very clear layouts and fab small touches like perforated corners so you can keep track of where you are! I’m torn between the neon covers and the antique french ‘ book of meaning’. Worlds apart, I know! Better get on the case though as I can only find a retailer in Australia! I guess my bid for organization should have started a bit earlier, eh?

All Defonics agendas above available from NoteMaker


Present(s) & Correct

Tis the season to be a pop up shop, or at least it is if you want to be something brilliant and beautifully styled…Latest on the London scene is one of my favourite online shops, Present & Correct. They are a London based, online stationery shop that specialise in everything that makes me inexplicably want to have a 35 foot long desk. But as for some funny reason they don’t have that as their mission statement, I think they would probably define it more like stationery, vintage products and handmade work from designers all over the world. As expected the translation of their tone, quirk and design elements worked brilliantly in their mini classroom, choc-a-block with goodies like cardboard desks, giant pencils floating in the window, chalkboard, library cart of vintage books, red post box (for letters to Santa…) and the giant stencil shop name in the front window. A shop truly deserving of some square footage…

After getting a bit starstruck talking to Neal, the extremely talented designer/illustrator behind the shop, I spent my time pointing out nearly everything to David for my Christmas list. In the excitement, I decided to bring home a little present, of a pack of paper goodness, a bit early. The envelope is stuffed with vintage ephemera like tickets, stencils, cards, labels etc…all those things as a designer that you think ‘oh if this only looked like classic ticket..’, to then think, ‘but what does that look like’? It will pay for itself several times over I’m sure of it…you can get your own goodies here or make the rest of your own Christmas list—there’s still time!

To visit the shop, get down to…

5 Back Hill Road, London EC1R

The seasonal classroom open now until 21st December. Monday – Saturday 12-6.30pm
Open until 9pm on thursdays (with mulled wine, hot Ribena and satsumas)

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Images by pillar box post


Take note…

I have a bit of a notebook foible. I get way over excited about beautiful notebooks, covet and collect them…and then not use them because, well they are too beautiful. I know…clever. But perhaps as these are the price of a muji notebook ( my go-to generic notebook source) perhaps I could even manage to use them. They are made using 100% post consumer recycled paper,  printed by a socially responsible co-operative with Green Mark accreditation and are FSC certified. Plus they use vegetable oil based inks and printing processes, which reduce waste and improve environmental performance. Which all sounds nice, plus their pages are made from reject sheets sourced by the cooperative. Best of all £9.00 for 3!

Paperback notebooks by Tamasyn Gambell

spotted in monocle


Ice to see you…

Recently my google reader seems to be full of excitement about Upon a Fold, the fabulous Australian stationery shop, and rightly so. What I haven’t seen in the blog world is this chocolate ice cream note card which I think is just fabulous. I’m such a sucker (no pun intended) for paper on a stick (like this other favourite of mine)…ahh…gets me every time!