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Owl do anything for you…

Happy Valentines Day to you, and you and you! I’m ashamed to say that our household doesn’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day…we aren’t ‘anti’– we just don’t put a lot of stock in any particular holiday (which is in contrast to my general love of details, decorating and gifts…but does fit nicely in with my too busy to do anything life. sigh). Thankfully, I have a husband and doggie that I love everyday and a stepmum who sends me lovely vintage valentine’s goodies so I can rest easy and just enjoy. Oh I feel loved!

This vintage garland which is now hanging from a very happy Rhino in our house is from RawBoneStudio and sports a lovely assortment of vintage Valentine’s Day cards reproduced on wool felt. My favourite bits of love are of course the owl, who says ‘Owl do anythig for you–why not wise up and say you’ll be my valentine?’ Not too shabby… but if sweets are more your speed you might enjoy the donut and cup of tea who pleads, ‘ Please Do-nut say No, be my valentine!’. Oh too cute! But, whatever you do this Valentine’s Day…follow the word of the little space cadet (top picture, on the left) and think, “Why should I keep this a secret?” Of course she says this while wearing her odd bell-jar-esque space helmet, little red skirt and looking through a ‘secret codes’ book. Be still my heart.






A little story about…an elusive scarf

Oh Madewell…we’re going to come to blows soon. I’m batting ‘oh-for-five’ at the moment with you. Despite dedicating a significant portion of my income to you lately I keep guessing wrong as to what I should be paying full amount for (as I love it enough to not want to risk it being sold out) or waiting to pick it up in the sale. I think everything I’ve bought full price has entered into a very well priced sale state…whilst the pieces I loved but thought wouldn’t, have sold out! Number one on this list is the elusive storyteller scarf collection. I work across the street from Madewell…dangerous I know…and have literally been eyeing up the red/teal/green/orange map scarf for months. When I finally thought, ‘sod it…I obviously like it enough to splurge’ it’s gone! As are all the other scarves from the collection that use maps, typography and other fabulous bits and bobs in great colours to add glamour and cheeriness to any outfit. You can read a bit more about how they created the collection here on their blog, which will make you fall in love all the more. They literally cut up maps, and made collages, using real glue…in this day and age? Very impressed!  So please bring back the storyteller scarves Madewell…or be prepared to tell me another story. Perhaps the one about a new scarf, yet to be released, that I’m going to like even more than the previous ones. I like that one…and I promise I’ll buy it full price this time, so stop punishing me.


I C Bikes 2




Should you stay or should you go…the story of our lives recently, but not in regards to us. We are definitely in the ‘go’ lane, I’m talking more about our possessions! We live in a studio flat, so you wouldn’t think we had all that much in the first place, but regardless of that, we’ve spent months (at least it seems like it) trying to figure out what is worth the shipping cost. Well the goods have been shipped already, so now I just have to figure out what was left on this side that I already miss (like my ercol chairs that were sold tonight) or my Dutch bicycle Betsy. She’s too big to ship affordably, so she is going to live out the rest of her life with ‘Mumsy’ (mother-in-law). Which conveniently leaves a biycle shaped hole in our new life…enter these quirky bikes from CB2 of all places!

Compared to other bikes in these genre, these are very well priced and have beautiful details and design style. It’s so hard to find a bike that isn’t covered in obnoxious stickers, so to find one in an interesting colour palette with great little details like stitched handlebars, a bell and a string skirt guard, but I think it’s the seat and the yellow tires that really had me. Plus, they have all the lovely things, you know like brakes and gears. That sounds like a silly wishlist, but as I’m sure most of you realize, design sometimes has compromises and that was definitely felt when Fred the bicycle came to our family. Aaaand as one last cherry on top – they come in boys and girls, so David and I can be all matchy-matchy. Now I just have to figure out whether NYC and I are going to get along well enough to trust myself on a projectile. Stay tuned…

You can find the bikes here:

abuela 3-speed women’s bike $499.00

abuela 3-speed men’s bike $399.00


Type of Wall…

What ‘type’ of walls do you have…painted, wallpapered or TYPED? This fabulous texture just goes to show that even a sportstore* can be the source of drool and inspiration. Okay, yes the store is an experiential giant for one of the biggest brands in the world, but still… Although I’d pass with having random tennis players on my wall, I would most certainly fill up a bit of blank white wall with some textual texture. Sadly, I don’t think there is a cheap and easy DIY of this… In fact, I can’t even think of how you would do it WITH a budget. It reminds me of something House Industries would do for an exhibition, which is a compliment if you ask me!

* spotted at the Nike Town on Oxford Street in London (on the womenswear floor )


Tea Time

I’m getting worried about my growing dependancy on Marks & Spencer for good design, packaging and collaborations with illustrators. First there were the piles of Christmas tins that I just had to make space for in our flat. Now I’ve spotted their new ‘naturally caffeine free’ teas and well, who can pass up those colours…or that peacocks decoration? They are the work of Stuart Kolakovic who also lent his hand to the Marks & Spencer Christmas tree decorations which appear on just about every surface imaginable – window displays, signage, shopping bags… At least this habit is slightly more healthy then the endless supply of cookies!

Thanks to the dieline for the heads up

Want more of Marks & Spencer? Check out their Christmas tins…part one & part two


‘Cos it’s just too pretty

Must. resist. the temptation… to buy a whole new wardrobe from Cos. I’m always a fan of their clothing, but the thing really tipping me over the edge at the moment is their fabulous new shopping bags.  The level of attention and detail, not to mention expense spared is impressive. The main bag is fully illustrated with a cute woodland graphic (lightly holiday theme), as well as a fabric handle and rotating gift card. Plus, it has an inner brown paper bag with a printed graphic ornament across the seams (not visible in the shot)…and all for a £30 belt! If I buy a whole new wardrobe now, I can stock up on enough bags for all of Christmas, which is really like saving money…no?

See a bit more about COS here