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Oh Deer, stuck inside a winter wonderland

No need to flee to the weather channel to figure out if New York City has been covered in snow…sadly we haven’t. But there is a little winter wonderland present in the flat right now. At first I thought I might be a bit late since Christmas is over and the decorations are all packed away…but on second thought, winter hasn’t even arrived here yet, so why should non-Christmassy winter stuff be shoved away (and because I have no idea how to pack them!). These lovely little ‘snow globes’ for lack of a better term were a real project of many inspirations–one part Anthropologie, one part Martha Stewart, one part family and voilà!

I had saved Martha Stewart’s tutorial for snow globes ages ago…and then when I saw these variations at Anthropologie with my sister-in-law we set about picking up mason jars, salt and pepper shakers and glitter. Then at Thanksgiving I went home and my stepmum had picked up all sorts of lovely bits like bell jars, dishes, moss, deer and even…a pillar box! Crowning touch if I do say so myself. I picked up a few pinecones in Riverside Park and that was it– a little piece of nature (and england) in NYC.

Along the way we learned the following useful facts that might help you if you were to take this on:

1. Using artificial snow  as a base builds up a nice shape. We then used fine white glitter on top for the sheen. I also dripped some glue around on the ridge of the deer and the top of the pillar box so some glue would stick on top…

2.  Don’t shake the salt shaker…unless you’ve made sure the holes are covered. Oops.

3. Schleich animals have a nice ‘vintage’ look about them and can be found MUCH more easily (for instance at Michael’s) than proper vintage characters…trust me we’ve tried!

and last, and certainly most useful…

3. Small town train stores have a lot of small figurines…not ice skaters unfortunately, but they do a cracking business in homeless people and prisoners….so ughm depending on the theme of your winter wonderland that could be ughm…well frankly useless.

photos by pillar box post. lamp & table from West Elm


Tin Time! Part 2

Yesterday, I revealed my guilty pleasure of Christmas tins and you probably thought I was a wee bit crazy excited over some tins. Oh but there’s more! I also picked up a few of these styles (my ability to pack our little studio flat from top to bottom is impressive). The top square tin of shortbread is a bit more from the ‘Sasek’ illustration collection, like the routemaster bus, and has a Pillar Box on it, so obviously that had to make its way into our home somehow!

The Swiss Biscuit Collection tin is a remake of last years uber successful tin which is illustrated by Sanna Annukka, a half Finnish half English illustrator (the artist behind the Keane “Under the Iron Sea” album artwork). The tin has a fabulous matte silk finish with embossing on the illustration and feels super luxurious and not at all like  ’supermarket’ packaging. And again, a great use of type that doesn’t shout ‘I’m a naff package from 2010′. Well done M & S, you’ve driven me to becoming a tin hoarder in one day flat and with enough cookies to last until next Christmas. Guess it’s time for a cuppa tea?

These tins are part of the Marks & Spencer Christmas Collection. Photographs by Pillar Box Post

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