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A cabin holiday preview

I recently chronicled our adventures back at the family cabin (aka my dad & stepmum’s house…sounds more glamourous saying ‘the family cabin’) for my old friends Boden. It’s up on their blog now so you can see how Matilda & I celebrated on our time off at Thanksgiving. Here are a few outtakes, but check out the full post here!



Meet Matilda…

This is two months overdue…but we have a new member of the family! Matilda, the french bulldog, has joined the Mister and I as our new little cuddlebug. After we lost Olive earlier this year, we had a little gap in our family and finally felt it was the time. She joined us at 3 months old (see top right) and is settling in nicely (and growing!!). I couldn’t imagine a bigger cuddler, I hope she doesn’t grow out of it! She’s asleep on my lap as we speak, which is getting to be a bit of a struggle as she grows. She is very similar to Olive in some aspect  (for all the reasons we loved frenchies so much) but comes with completely new parts of  personality as well, so it’s been great. Welcome Tilly Teacup to Pillar Box Post, I’m sure you’ll become a little star here!



Present Yourself…

I’m here I’m here! Wow, that was a long unexpected hiatus. Nothing exciting or scandalous to report, just took some much needed time away from the computer. I was still working over the holidays and travelling back and forth to family, but just stepped away from blog world for awhile…It probably seems like Christmas was way too long ago to report on, but as one of my last gifts turned up on friday, I still feel its relevant and wanted to share/gloat about all the lovely things I was able to pick out (and recieve!) I was a really lucky girl this year (in more ways than with physical gifts, but let’s be shallow for a second and see a few things that made their way under someones Christmas tree…

1 ||  Captured Scarf Necklace from Anthropologie Sadly, the llama was not included…

2 || Wooden watch from WeWood This was on backorder, so I got a delayed dose of excitement when it turned up on Friday. Thanks ohjoy for inspiring David!

3 ||  Red headphones from Panasonic I have had the lime green version for years and love them…hopefully my brother in law is equally as pleased!

4 ||  Black leather loafers from Asos David picked up my hints about my brogues being worn down to flaps of leather. There was extra joy when they fit as well!

5 || French Bulldog Bookends from ModCloth The great thing about having a brother and sister in law with a French Bulldog is that you can guiltlessly indulge in dog gifts…great thing for me, not so much for them probably! Thanks to DesignSponge for the inspirational gift guide!

6 || Clam Basket from Terrain Another living vicariously through others gift…I want a clam basket, so others will too…I think?

7 ||  3 Busy Dogs Bowser Beer Ahh my nephew happens to be a french bulldog named Reginald Q. Well, he’s a lovely lad with a patch on his chest that is a spitting image of a necktie, which means wherever he looks like a real gentleman. And what does every guy need? Beer…or beer for dogs as the case may be…I know almost too ridiculous to be true. And what else would you need?…

8 || Humunga Stache ( A ball, that when picked up correctly means that the dog looks like they have a mustache. That would be my friday, saturday and sunday filled with entertainment

9 || Monthly Desk Pad from Paperways I love graph paper and if it has an extra use, well then sign me up…which David did
10 || Shell Measuring Spoons A nice way to measure I reckon…Mom, since I havent sent them yet, ‘merry christmas’ hope you enjoy!


The build went swimmingly…

So simple and yet so sweet! A fish hotel/condo/flat/maisonette/holiday home….the possibilities are endless. I’m really trying to ignore the reality of icky unvacuumed water and concentrate on the imaginary curtains hanging on all the windows!

Fish Hotel by Teddy Loung $25 USD
The fish hotel is a glass fishbowl with a white ABS shell. fishbowls can be stacked for a tall hotel-like appearance. glass bowls may be removed for easy cleaning.