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Card Bored…

Yesterday, there was paper, today cardboard…a touchy touchy craft extravaganza! A few weekends ago, David and I made a visit to the Pick Me Up, the graphic arts fair at Somerset House in London. We made a visit last year and were impressed with the work, so there was a lot to live up to…and I say it did pretty well. I had less of the wow-factor than last year as it had been something new BUT there were still some goodies.

The artist behind my favourite was Matthew Nicholson who designed a series of giant cardboard objects revolving around the theme ‘a few of our favourite things…’ for Nobrow had a special cove. My favourite was the Wacom tablet, but probably just because it’s a topical thing for me as I’ve started using one this year and have already grown way too attached to it. The Cup of Tea Chair with fabric tea bag was pretty incredible too as was the giant sushi, sneaker and watch. Everything was probably 3-5 feet in height/width and made of cardboard.  Plus check out this image here which shows the bookcase that completely passed me by..a typographic bookcase that was laser cut from over 25 sheets of 3  x 1.5 m heavy duty cardboard! How did I miss that? Probably too busy ogling the 5 foot shrimp I guess…

All photos by Pillar Box Post

Fancy all things cardboard? How about a desk? check some out here

For more from 2010 Pick Me Up fair, visit here


Sweet View

London visitors rejoice, for your souvenir quest is over…Jack Noel from Sweet View contacted me a few days ago regarding his fine art prints that were born from a sketchbook diary that he used throughout 2009 to draw whatever was around him on a daily basis. I love the limited and unexpected colour palettes and would love to have such a personal viewpoint on a print, but unfortunately I don’t have much of a relationship with any of these areas (I’m a west London girl), but OH WAIT! They are still considering locations for the remaining six inner London boroughs and would like your help choosing them. Plus there is a chance to win a free print if they choose your location, win/win!

To enter the competition just email Sweet View (or leave a comment here  and I’ll pass it on… I’d love to see your requests!) with a suggestion of a location in Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham, Islington, Camden, Greenwich or Lewisham which Jack can draw. Their favourite suggestion for each borough will win a free print of your choice. The closing date for entries is 31 January 2011.

Sweet View Prints £28 each
There is a limited print run on each picture of 200 copies and each one is signed and numbered by the artist. Sweet View pictures are printed on high quality paper in A2 size (594 x 420mm).


Present(s) & Correct

Tis the season to be a pop up shop, or at least it is if you want to be something brilliant and beautifully styled…Latest on the London scene is one of my favourite online shops, Present & Correct. They are a London based, online stationery shop that specialise in everything that makes me inexplicably want to have a 35 foot long desk. But as for some funny reason they don’t have that as their mission statement, I think they would probably define it more like stationery, vintage products and handmade work from designers all over the world. As expected the translation of their tone, quirk and design elements worked brilliantly in their mini classroom, choc-a-block with goodies like cardboard desks, giant pencils floating in the window, chalkboard, library cart of vintage books, red post box (for letters to Santa…) and the giant stencil shop name in the front window. A shop truly deserving of some square footage…

After getting a bit starstruck talking to Neal, the extremely talented designer/illustrator behind the shop, I spent my time pointing out nearly everything to David for my Christmas list. In the excitement, I decided to bring home a little present, of a pack of paper goodness, a bit early. The envelope is stuffed with vintage ephemera like tickets, stencils, cards, labels etc…all those things as a designer that you think ‘oh if this only looked like classic ticket..’, to then think, ‘but what does that look like’? It will pay for itself several times over I’m sure of it…you can get your own goodies here or make the rest of your own Christmas list—there’s still time!

To visit the shop, get down to…

5 Back Hill Road, London EC1R

The seasonal classroom open now until 21st December. Monday – Saturday 12-6.30pm
Open until 9pm on thursdays (with mulled wine, hot Ribena and satsumas)

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Images by pillar box post


East End Pub Crawl through your house

Ooh, always on the lookout for London souvenirs that don’t require you to throw out all your design scruples, I’m really liking these cushions by Mr. Wingate. Part of his East End Pub Crawl Series, the cushions (and tea towels) feature pubs from the East side of  London. Would be perfect if you were lucky enough to have your ‘local’* illustrated…and perfect kind of souvenier that folds up flat in the bottom of your suitcase (sans stuffing obviously).

East End Pub Crawl Cushions £35

East End Pub Crawl Teatowels £10

All have been cut, printed and sewn in London.

* (the) local : English colloquialism meaning one’s local drinking establishment, public house, bar


Personality in spades…

Mission accomplished. One of the aims ( 1 of 437) when I started this blog was to keep in touch with friends and family. Well after my dissapearance the past week or two I’ve started receiving worried emails asking me if I was okay… Oops! Needless to say I’m perfectly fine, just enjoying some non computer time. I went to NYC on a work trip and had the lovely advantage of popping back to see my family while I was stateside, but more on that later.

So with all that American time, you’d think I’d be sick of US brands, but on Saturday David, Olive and I popped into the Kate Spade London popup shop, just off the corner of Covent Garden. It’s a fabulous townhouse, dressed as well, just that, a cool house. I felt slightly conspicuous as it was pretty much just me and a whole bunch of staff. It was so well styled I didn’t want to touch anything. As I was leaving, I was following the stripey staircase down and ran into some dancing feet–leading me to a free photobooth. I almost felt guilty using it. After I picked up my picture, I ran into Olive who had been invited in, so I pushed David and Olive in for family portrait…well minus me.

Highlights of the shop are the limited edition “London Calling” bangle retailing for £65, the interiors of the front room on the first floor including yellow overlay painted box, stripey & stencil painted floors, green doors, the list goes on. They’re moving out mid November, perhaps they’ll be looking for renters! I reckon I’m only a few million off…

For more details:

Kate Spade London popup shop

open now through november 10th
swing by
monday through wednesday:
10am to 6pm
thursday: 10pm to 9pm
friday and saturday: 10am to 6pm
sunday: 10am to 5pm

If you can’t make it, you can see more pictures here.

Layout and images by me, except the * which are from kates spade.


Subterranean Locomotive Access Tablet

Boy has Tom Dixon been busy lately…this time he’s been ‘spotted’ creating a limited edition wooden oystercard holder (for non londoners, an oyster card is your credit card acces card for public transport). The card was created by Dixon for Tfl (Transport for London) and features the classic TfL design icon, the Routemaster bus to celebrate this year’s London Design Festival. The card was created in conjunction with Alternative Oyster Shop, who make a few lovely wooden holders themselves.

I’m torn between the Routemaster card and the Tally Ho card, which captured my attention for three reasons. One, the tagline on the card holder says ‘ Subterranean Locomotive Access Tablet’. Two, Tally ho is a victorian phrase from the late 1800s with french orgins, that was a cry used when ‘departing at speed.’ hehe. And if there was further love needed, our first flat in London was called Tally Ho after the corner the building was set on. I got the biggest kick out of having a fabulous building name, so sentimentality scores a high nine.

All cards feature
Triple stained for vintage Walnut effect
Laser engraved
Double varnished to handle everyday use
FSC approved plywood construction

retail price £19.95

You can purchase the limited edition card from Tom Dixon at the Tfl shop and the remaining three cards at the Alternative Oyster Shop