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Through the Weekend Window…week 3

Wow, it’s only been seven months since the last last installment of ‘through the weekend window‘. As this is only the third week, this is a pretty pathetic showing…nonetheless here is a few snaps from our weekend. First of all, Olive says ‘happy halloween!’ from inside her turtle suit. She went out for a walk yesterday and did not get one single smile from a passerby. The cruelty to animals society is probably doing survelliance on me as we speak, but Olive seemed happy as anything prancing about in it. Her ‘head’ struggled to stay on with her giant bat ears trying to escape, but overall it made our day.

Second up, is a beautiful Saturday morning stroll in Kensington Gardens. Nearly every weekend for the past year, I’ve thought I’d finally make it to see the Princess Diana Memorial Playground and yet I never get around to it. You see its only a quick walk from our flat, but it’s an enclosed space and the only way you can gain access is with child. Which we do not possess. However, there is a loophole and that is to show up between 9:30-10am before it opens to the kiddies. It was so worth it, it is such a fantastic space. We couldn’t go in together as Olive was with us, and I REALLY wanted to have a go and play on some of the equipment, but I wasn’t sure what the rules were regarding that, so I whizzed through taking some pictures so I could get back out, tag David and let him have a go. The general inspiration is from Peter Pan, which is such a perfect fit since the playground is in kensington gardens, which features in Peter Pan, and also lies right behind Princess Diana’s old home, the palace. The highlights are the giant wooden pirate ship  (complete with giant masts), a beachy mermaid cove  with an alligator made of stones… a settling of teepees, music pipes, boats (without water), tunnels, I could go on. Basically, I’m jealous that kids get all the fun. Boo.

And finally we got to catch the Anish Kapoor (the creator of the Chicago Cloud Gate/’bean’) exhibition in kensington gardens, Turning the world upside down. There are four sculptures within the exhibition (which is free), but although we saw the others in the distance we only stopped at the ‘C-Curve’, which is constructed from highly reflective stainless steel. It creates an amazing reflection that flips the horizon on the convex side of the sculpture. It’s particularly interesting in the autumnal setting with all the colour, but I’m keen to see how it changes over the next few months. It’s on until March next year, so if you’re in the area it’s worth a glance!

*NOTE* I’ve just realized that the photo of David, Olive and myself probably needs a bit of explanation- I’m taking that photo (see the tiny camera?)…what you probably thought was a pretty lame photo is actually a reflection, which I think is rather cool…take a second look! Did you notice it first time around?

So, weekend snaps, see you in May 2011 ?!