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Perhaps this is out of season, but just came across this selection of double sided wrapping papers from Turnstyle Studio and had to bookmark them. I’m such a sucker for clashing/coordinated wrappings like this. Bit of mix and match never hurt anyone…unless of course they were mixing and matching violent weapons. Then not so much. When in doubt stick with illustrated birds, pinecones and a dashing of patterns and textures!

thanks to the dieline


Oh Bobby!

After the giant cardboard creations yesterday, my favourite work at the Pick Me Up fair (the graphic arts festival in London) was from Paul Blow. I’d have loved to take the riot police man home with me..and I could have for quite an affordable £180. Just have to stay out of trouble and keep my fingers crossed and he could be mine!


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Map Wrap

For the first time in the nearly seven years since I first landed in the UK, we’ve had some actual snowfall this past Saturday!! It was absolutely gorgeous and I felt like I was in a movie, going Christmas shopping in a full on snowstorm and without a care in the world as to how I was going to get home (as we live 50 yards from the shopping street). And the people, have I mentioned the people?! There weren’t any! I’m not even joking, the first four shops I went into…maybe three people. This is center city London people! I bought a knitted bobble hat at Topshop nearly immediately to keep my head dry (always some justification) and then seemed to visit every bored shopworker on the street—dripping giant puddles on each and every floor. I was out on a mission to ‘uncancel’ David’s Christmas as nearly all the gifts that I ordered back on December 5th have been caught up in a giant mail backlog that is supposedly due to ‘adverse weather conditions’ for the past month. Like I said, I have barely seen snow in seven years, let alone the past month…grr

Well I’ve filled the present quota back up, but now when I should be enjoying some Christmas carols and present wrapping (one of my favourite things—I think I could quite happily be a present wrapper at a department store for the season) but I forgot wrapping paper! I usually go for a kraft paper with ribbon/twine, but supplies have disappeared in the house so I’ll have to get creative on Christmas Eve. In the inspiration file is this ‘map wrap’ collection from Michael Hill, featuring illustrations of London, Paris, New York and the world. I’m a bit late for ordering this year, but could be a good source of inspiration for some DIY version or for a future gift giving occasion. In fact, it could be a great present in a frame. Who doesn’t love a good ‘frame filler for under a fiver’!?

Map Wrap by Michael Hill from Lagom £3.48  a sheet


Tea Time

I’m getting worried about my growing dependancy on Marks & Spencer for good design, packaging and collaborations with illustrators. First there were the piles of Christmas tins that I just had to make space for in our flat. Now I’ve spotted their new ‘naturally caffeine free’ teas and well, who can pass up those colours…or that peacocks decoration? They are the work of Stuart Kolakovic who also lent his hand to the Marks & Spencer Christmas tree decorations which appear on just about every surface imaginable – window displays, signage, shopping bags… At least this habit is slightly more healthy then the endless supply of cookies!

Thanks to the dieline for the heads up

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‘Cos it’s just too pretty

Must. resist. the temptation… to buy a whole new wardrobe from Cos. I’m always a fan of their clothing, but the thing really tipping me over the edge at the moment is their fabulous new shopping bags.  The level of attention and detail, not to mention expense spared is impressive. The main bag is fully illustrated with a cute woodland graphic (lightly holiday theme), as well as a fabric handle and rotating gift card. Plus, it has an inner brown paper bag with a printed graphic ornament across the seams (not visible in the shot)…and all for a £30 belt! If I buy a whole new wardrobe now, I can stock up on enough bags for all of Christmas, which is really like saving money…no?

See a bit more about COS here


Sweet View

London visitors rejoice, for your souvenir quest is over…Jack Noel from Sweet View contacted me a few days ago regarding his fine art prints that were born from a sketchbook diary that he used throughout 2009 to draw whatever was around him on a daily basis. I love the limited and unexpected colour palettes and would love to have such a personal viewpoint on a print, but unfortunately I don’t have much of a relationship with any of these areas (I’m a west London girl), but OH WAIT! They are still considering locations for the remaining six inner London boroughs and would like your help choosing them. Plus there is a chance to win a free print if they choose your location, win/win!

To enter the competition just email Sweet View (or leave a comment here  and I’ll pass it on… I’d love to see your requests!) with a suggestion of a location in Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham, Islington, Camden, Greenwich or Lewisham which Jack can draw. Their favourite suggestion for each borough will win a free print of your choice. The closing date for entries is 31 January 2011.

Sweet View Prints £28 each
There is a limited print run on each picture of 200 copies and each one is signed and numbered by the artist. Sweet View pictures are printed on high quality paper in A2 size (594 x 420mm).