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Happy Halloween


Boo… Or whatever a troll would say on halloween! I promised myself that there would be no more human baby photos until I showed you more of the house baby photos…but Halloween has broken me. I wonder if my ten-year-old-Russ-Troll-Doll-self ever envisioned my collection coming to life with a real life baby troll-except with more wriggly limbs and way harder to photograph. I can’t complain though as he’s been a treat (hehe) and completely chill about being used as a source of entertainment. When the wig arrived in the mail (sorry to burst the illusion) we had a tester session with the one and only element…he played for 45 minutes unfazed. Should I be worried? I figured this was the best year to take advantage of the little pot belly since we don’t have to venture outside and can go ‘nekkid’. No special costume for Tilly unfortunately, so I think we’ll recycle Olive’s old costume. Maybe it will be a green theme. Happy Halloween from us all!

And thanks to Brit & Co. for giving me the idea when I saw their DIY maternity costumes-such a great idea! I don’t think I was showing enough for a funny enough costume last year, but I’m gutted I  missed out anyway…