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The short of it…

Wow, where have I been lately? I’d like to say I’ve been off having adventures…but sadly I don’t have much to show for my time away. Just work, life and trying to get off the computer to give my eyes/wrist/brain a liitle bit of relaxation. One thing that has changed in the last few weeks is my wardrobe…an order to ASOS and the new season launching at work and voila—every day a new box of clothing is being crammed into the 2.5 foot wide space I call a closet. Certainly not something to complain about…

I’ve been desperately seeking new skirts for several seasons now but am really struggling to find ones I like…they are either too businessy-long (which requires heels, something I’m not up for very often) or way too short to be considered appropriate. So shorts it is…somehow I feel you can get away with them being a bit shorter? The cutesy River Island Flocked Spotty Shorts from ASOS (pictured above) have recently made their way into my life..you can’t be too short if you have twee spots, can you? Maybe don’t answer that…

Oh and then there is Madewell. Sigh. The Silky Trouser Shorts in their fabulous Napolean blue colour (bottom left) are fabulous… BUT NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! Ah, but never fear as ASOS is near with the decently similar Asos Soft Turn Up Short (bottom right) which somehow snuck in too…(cue innocent whistling).  Not quite the same zing, but I think they will do. Paired up with my new pair of flat, over the knee ‘Puss ‘n’ Boots’ style suede boots and perhaps I AM ready for a bit of adventuring-pirate style…maybe that is where I was going wrong!


Personality in spades…

Mission accomplished. One of the aims ( 1 of 437) when I started this blog was to keep in touch with friends and family. Well after my dissapearance the past week or two I’ve started receiving worried emails asking me if I was okay… Oops! Needless to say I’m perfectly fine, just enjoying some non computer time. I went to NYC on a work trip and had the lovely advantage of popping back to see my family while I was stateside, but more on that later.

So with all that American time, you’d think I’d be sick of US brands, but on Saturday David, Olive and I popped into the Kate Spade London popup shop, just off the corner of Covent Garden. It’s a fabulous townhouse, dressed as well, just that, a cool house. I felt slightly conspicuous as it was pretty much just me and a whole bunch of staff. It was so well styled I didn’t want to touch anything. As I was leaving, I was following the stripey staircase down and ran into some dancing feet–leading me to a free photobooth. I almost felt guilty using it. After I picked up my picture, I ran into Olive who had been invited in, so I pushed David and Olive in for family portrait…well minus me.

Highlights of the shop are the limited edition “London Calling” bangle retailing for £65, the interiors of the front room on the first floor including yellow overlay painted box, stripey & stencil painted floors, green doors, the list goes on. They’re moving out mid November, perhaps they’ll be looking for renters! I reckon I’m only a few million off…

For more details:

Kate Spade London popup shop

open now through november 10th
swing by
monday through wednesday:
10am to 6pm
thursday: 10pm to 9pm
friday and saturday: 10am to 6pm
sunday: 10am to 5pm

If you can’t make it, you can see more pictures here.

Layout and images by me, except the * which are from kates spade.


She’s electric…

My inspiration folder has been growing lately in all shapes and sizes–colours, interiors, graphics etc. I thought maybe I’d start picking out some common themes and put them up here, because I think if you’re anything like me at all, you’ll like a bit of trend/theme collage action. Let the moodboards commence. Up first-pops on neon!

Three main images thanks to seesaw designs. Styling: Tina Hellberg & Photography: Magnus Anesund for Swedish Elle Interior

pocket sail bag by Angela Adams and Sea bags for Jcrew

desert sun necklace from madewell (on sale from $55 USD to 19.99!)

buzz yellow ‘c’ table by cb2

grellow rocker by cb2


Spare roll(s) of film…

Spare a thought for Adrian Brannan next time you lose an image due to overfilled photo folders on your computer. These fantastic photo collages are as beautiful as they probably are sanity checking, as each image is created from as little as 50 to one thousand individual 35 mm photographs…and they aren’t even digital! In fact, most of the photos are developed in Adrian’s own darkroom! Adrian seems to get quite the kick out of variety, as not only are the images made up from a variety of shots, but the shots themselves are taken from multiple locations with different films, processing techniques and at different times and days. Whew. Plus it seems to me that depending on how large you view them, they take on different qualities – beautiful painterly like quality when in a thumbnail format, fabulous textures when blown up a bit and a crazy patchwork of drastically different colours and tones when blown up a bit bigger (see two images directly above to see Piccadilly circus changes -the colours of the pavement vary from mustard to tan to green!)

I’m so impressed that I might even go take the camera out and shoot a few shots. The countdown begins…

Adrian’s work was spotted in the Completely London magazine from Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward, by August Media. Thanks!

Still want more? Check out some more photographic genius with a ‘look into the past