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Spare roll(s) of film…

Spare a thought for Adrian Brannan next time you lose an image due to overfilled photo folders on your computer. These fantastic photo collages are as beautiful as they probably are sanity checking, as each image is created from as little as 50 to one thousand individual 35 mm photographs…and they aren’t even digital! In fact, most of the photos are developed in Adrian’s own darkroom! Adrian seems to get quite the kick out of variety, as not only are the images made up from a variety of shots, but the shots themselves are taken from multiple locations with different films, processing techniques and at different times and days. Whew. Plus it seems to me that depending on how large you view them, they take on different qualities – beautiful painterly like quality when in a thumbnail format, fabulous textures when blown up a bit and a crazy patchwork of drastically different colours and tones when blown up a bit bigger (see two images directly above to see Piccadilly circus changes -the colours of the pavement vary from mustard to tan to green!)

I’m so impressed that I might even go take the camera out and shoot a few shots. The countdown begins…

Adrian’s work was spotted in the Completely London magazine from Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward, by August Media. Thanks!

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