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A cabin holiday preview

I recently chronicled our adventures back at the family cabin (aka my dad & stepmum’s house…sounds more glamourous saying ‘the family cabin’) for my old friends Boden. It’s up on their blog now so you can see how Matilda & I celebrated on our time off at Thanksgiving. Here are a few outtakes, but check out the full post here!



A little story about…an elusive scarf

Oh Madewell…we’re going to come to blows soon. I’m batting ‘oh-for-five’ at the moment with you. Despite dedicating a significant portion of my income to you lately I keep guessing wrong as to what I should be paying full amount for (as I love it enough to not want to risk it being sold out) or waiting to pick it up in the sale. I think everything I’ve bought full price has entered into a very well priced sale state…whilst the pieces I loved but thought wouldn’t, have sold out! Number one on this list is the elusive storyteller scarf collection. I work across the street from Madewell…dangerous I know…and have literally been eyeing up the red/teal/green/orange map scarf for months. When I finally thought, ‘sod it…I obviously like it enough to splurge’ it’s gone! As are all the other scarves from the collection that use maps, typography and other fabulous bits and bobs in great colours to add glamour and cheeriness to any outfit. You can read a bit more about how they created the collection here on their blog, which will make you fall in love all the more. They literally cut up maps, and made collages, using real glue…in this day and age? Very impressed!  So please bring back the storyteller scarves Madewell…or be prepared to tell me another story. Perhaps the one about a new scarf, yet to be released, that I’m going to like even more than the previous ones. I like that one…and I promise I’ll buy it full price this time, so stop punishing me.


The short of it…

Wow, where have I been lately? I’d like to say I’ve been off having adventures…but sadly I don’t have much to show for my time away. Just work, life and trying to get off the computer to give my eyes/wrist/brain a liitle bit of relaxation. One thing that has changed in the last few weeks is my wardrobe…an order to ASOS and the new season launching at work and voila—every day a new box of clothing is being crammed into the 2.5 foot wide space I call a closet. Certainly not something to complain about…

I’ve been desperately seeking new skirts for several seasons now but am really struggling to find ones I like…they are either too businessy-long (which requires heels, something I’m not up for very often) or way too short to be considered appropriate. So shorts it is…somehow I feel you can get away with them being a bit shorter? The cutesy River Island Flocked Spotty Shorts from ASOS (pictured above) have recently made their way into my life..you can’t be too short if you have twee spots, can you? Maybe don’t answer that…

Oh and then there is Madewell. Sigh. The Silky Trouser Shorts in their fabulous Napolean blue colour (bottom left) are fabulous… BUT NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! Ah, but never fear as ASOS is near with the decently similar Asos Soft Turn Up Short (bottom right) which somehow snuck in too…(cue innocent whistling).  Not quite the same zing, but I think they will do. Paired up with my new pair of flat, over the knee ‘Puss ‘n’ Boots’ style suede boots and perhaps I AM ready for a bit of adventuring-pirate style…maybe that is where I was going wrong!


Comptoir des Classics

What a fabulous reminder of everything I want in my wardrobe- but fail to have. Oh Christmas sales you will be mine!

You can find these outfits and loads of others at comptoir des cotonniers. Be sure to look out for Leon, the resident French bulldog who adorns a shirt at least once a season.


Christmas Wrapping

Bah, humbug! No, that’s too strong ’Cause it is my favorite holiday…To add to my already mad rush, Just ’cause it’s ’tis the season. The perfect gift for me would be… a party outfit!?***

Okay, that’s probably not the perfect gift, but it is the first official day of the ‘season’ and it is the first thing on my giant to-do list: Wrapping myself up for a ‘black tie’ event next weekend.

Okay, dress, check…everything else to go with it, not so much. The long sleeve dress, above, has been happily hanging in my wardrobe for a few weeks after I spotted something I thought was fun, yet appropriate and for an steal. Now I just have to deck it out and make it feel a bit me, which could mean going for a pair of Number 8′s on the list (black shoe boots), with a gorgeous feather fascinator as a bit of edgey interest…or I could keep it simple and go for some dramatic eyelashes…or take a fabulous bit of advice from one of you as I’m sure you can help make a decision. I just have to stop getting distracted by fabulous Christmas carols, especially this favourite*** , or I’m likely to be going in a dress and nothing else!


Long Sleeve Dress £39.99 || Peter Pan Collar Dress £39.99

1. Take a Bow by Office £65 || 2. Camel Feather Fascinator by 2adorn £28 || 3. That Friday Feeling Glitter heels by Office £54 || 4. stylist prop for jigsaw || 5. Sequin cap and bow from topshop £18.50 || 6. Edie fascinator by 2adorn £36 || 7. That Friday Feeling Glitter heels by Office £54 || 8. Theola shoe boots from ASOS £45 || 9. Camel Feather Fascinator by 2adorn £28 || 10. Ellesha fascinator by 2adorn £36 || 11. feather headband from River Island £9.99



I’ve been banging on about these collars for over a year (here or here) and finally someone is taking heed—ASOS has made me my own collection of peter pan collar dresses and blouses.*

Starting from top left, clockwise:

Mustard shift dress £46 , Silky Blouse £26, Dress £28, Mustard 60s shift dress £36, Silky Blouse £26 all available from ASOS

*There is a very small possibility that they aren’t just for me…