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Oh Deer, stuck inside a winter wonderland

No need to flee to the weather channel to figure out if New York City has been covered in snow…sadly we haven’t. But there is a little winter wonderland present in the flat right now. At first I thought I might be a bit late since Christmas is over and the decorations are all packed away…but on second thought, winter hasn’t even arrived here yet, so why should non-Christmassy winter stuff be shoved away (and because I have no idea how to pack them!). These lovely little ‘snow globes’ for lack of a better term were a real project of many inspirations–one part Anthropologie, one part Martha Stewart, one part family and voilà!

I had saved Martha Stewart’s tutorial for snow globes ages ago…and then when I saw these variations at Anthropologie with my sister-in-law we set about picking up mason jars, salt and pepper shakers and glitter. Then at Thanksgiving I went home and my stepmum had picked up all sorts of lovely bits like bell jars, dishes, moss, deer and even…a pillar box! Crowning touch if I do say so myself. I picked up a few pinecones in Riverside Park and that was it– a little piece of nature (and england) in NYC.

Along the way we learned the following useful facts that might help you if you were to take this on:

1. Using artificial snow  as a base builds up a nice shape. We then used fine white glitter on top for the sheen. I also dripped some glue around on the ridge of the deer and the top of the pillar box so some glue would stick on top…

2.  Don’t shake the salt shaker…unless you’ve made sure the holes are covered. Oops.

3. Schleich animals have a nice ‘vintage’ look about them and can be found MUCH more easily (for instance at Michael’s) than proper vintage characters…trust me we’ve tried!

and last, and certainly most useful…

3. Small town train stores have a lot of small figurines…not ice skaters unfortunately, but they do a cracking business in homeless people and prisoners….so ughm depending on the theme of your winter wonderland that could be ughm…well frankly useless.

photos by pillar box post. lamp & table from West Elm




Perhaps this is out of season, but just came across this selection of double sided wrapping papers from Turnstyle Studio and had to bookmark them. I’m such a sucker for clashing/coordinated wrappings like this. Bit of mix and match never hurt anyone…unless of course they were mixing and matching violent weapons. Then not so much. When in doubt stick with illustrated birds, pinecones and a dashing of patterns and textures!

thanks to the dieline


Present Yourself…

I’m here I’m here! Wow, that was a long unexpected hiatus. Nothing exciting or scandalous to report, just took some much needed time away from the computer. I was still working over the holidays and travelling back and forth to family, but just stepped away from blog world for awhile…It probably seems like Christmas was way too long ago to report on, but as one of my last gifts turned up on friday, I still feel its relevant and wanted to share/gloat about all the lovely things I was able to pick out (and recieve!) I was a really lucky girl this year (in more ways than with physical gifts, but let’s be shallow for a second and see a few things that made their way under someones Christmas tree…

1 ||  Captured Scarf Necklace from Anthropologie Sadly, the llama was not included…

2 || Wooden watch from WeWood This was on backorder, so I got a delayed dose of excitement when it turned up on Friday. Thanks ohjoy for inspiring David!

3 ||  Red headphones from Panasonic I have had the lime green version for years and love them…hopefully my brother in law is equally as pleased!

4 ||  Black leather loafers from Asos David picked up my hints about my brogues being worn down to flaps of leather. There was extra joy when they fit as well!

5 || French Bulldog Bookends from ModCloth The great thing about having a brother and sister in law with a French Bulldog is that you can guiltlessly indulge in dog gifts…great thing for me, not so much for them probably! Thanks to DesignSponge for the inspirational gift guide!

6 || Clam Basket from Terrain Another living vicariously through others gift…I want a clam basket, so others will too…I think?

7 ||  3 Busy Dogs Bowser Beer Ahh my nephew happens to be a french bulldog named Reginald Q. Well, he’s a lovely lad with a patch on his chest that is a spitting image of a necktie, which means wherever he looks like a real gentleman. And what does every guy need? Beer…or beer for dogs as the case may be…I know almost too ridiculous to be true. And what else would you need?…

8 || Humunga Stache ( A ball, that when picked up correctly means that the dog looks like they have a mustache. That would be my friday, saturday and sunday filled with entertainment

9 || Monthly Desk Pad from Paperways I love graph paper and if it has an extra use, well then sign me up…which David did
10 || Shell Measuring Spoons A nice way to measure I reckon…Mom, since I havent sent them yet, ‘merry christmas’ hope you enjoy!


Map Wrap

For the first time in the nearly seven years since I first landed in the UK, we’ve had some actual snowfall this past Saturday!! It was absolutely gorgeous and I felt like I was in a movie, going Christmas shopping in a full on snowstorm and without a care in the world as to how I was going to get home (as we live 50 yards from the shopping street). And the people, have I mentioned the people?! There weren’t any! I’m not even joking, the first four shops I went into…maybe three people. This is center city London people! I bought a knitted bobble hat at Topshop nearly immediately to keep my head dry (always some justification) and then seemed to visit every bored shopworker on the street—dripping giant puddles on each and every floor. I was out on a mission to ‘uncancel’ David’s Christmas as nearly all the gifts that I ordered back on December 5th have been caught up in a giant mail backlog that is supposedly due to ‘adverse weather conditions’ for the past month. Like I said, I have barely seen snow in seven years, let alone the past month…grr

Well I’ve filled the present quota back up, but now when I should be enjoying some Christmas carols and present wrapping (one of my favourite things—I think I could quite happily be a present wrapper at a department store for the season) but I forgot wrapping paper! I usually go for a kraft paper with ribbon/twine, but supplies have disappeared in the house so I’ll have to get creative on Christmas Eve. In the inspiration file is this ‘map wrap’ collection from Michael Hill, featuring illustrations of London, Paris, New York and the world. I’m a bit late for ordering this year, but could be a good source of inspiration for some DIY version or for a future gift giving occasion. In fact, it could be a great present in a frame. Who doesn’t love a good ‘frame filler for under a fiver’!?

Map Wrap by Michael Hill from Lagom £3.48  a sheet


Christmas Wrapping

Bah, humbug! No, that’s too strong ’Cause it is my favorite holiday…To add to my already mad rush, Just ’cause it’s ’tis the season. The perfect gift for me would be… a party outfit!?***

Okay, that’s probably not the perfect gift, but it is the first official day of the ‘season’ and it is the first thing on my giant to-do list: Wrapping myself up for a ‘black tie’ event next weekend.

Okay, dress, check…everything else to go with it, not so much. The long sleeve dress, above, has been happily hanging in my wardrobe for a few weeks after I spotted something I thought was fun, yet appropriate and for an steal. Now I just have to deck it out and make it feel a bit me, which could mean going for a pair of Number 8′s on the list (black shoe boots), with a gorgeous feather fascinator as a bit of edgey interest…or I could keep it simple and go for some dramatic eyelashes…or take a fabulous bit of advice from one of you as I’m sure you can help make a decision. I just have to stop getting distracted by fabulous Christmas carols, especially this favourite*** , or I’m likely to be going in a dress and nothing else!


Long Sleeve Dress £39.99 || Peter Pan Collar Dress £39.99

1. Take a Bow by Office £65 || 2. Camel Feather Fascinator by 2adorn £28 || 3. That Friday Feeling Glitter heels by Office £54 || 4. stylist prop for jigsaw || 5. Sequin cap and bow from topshop £18.50 || 6. Edie fascinator by 2adorn £36 || 7. That Friday Feeling Glitter heels by Office £54 || 8. Theola shoe boots from ASOS £45 || 9. Camel Feather Fascinator by 2adorn £28 || 10. Ellesha fascinator by 2adorn £36 || 11. feather headband from River Island £9.99


Christmas in the window…Part 2

Here is a few more of London’s shopping window displays ( view part 1 here).This first scandanavian theme from Daylesford Organic photographed horribly but was one of my favorites…not because its some elaborate display but because I loved what was in the window. Sadly, despite the fact that most items, (if not all) were sold by the shop, their online presence is appalling. All i can offer you are these wooden christmas decorations .

I have every colour of the rainbow going on in our christmas decs it seems, but would love one day to have this simple silver, white and wooden theme. I’ve been pestering my dad for some real antlers (he lives in the woods and is a source for all sorts of natural wildlife goodies)… I’d love to have them up all year round, but this christmas take on it has me even more keen.

Tip to take away: create giant pomanders (they are often created for weddings-here are two great tutorials, one from ruffledblog and one from martha stewart) but use whites/silvers instead for a giant snowflake/ornament effect. If you are lucky enough to have access to pinecones, a little hot glue and a styrofoam triangle would make an easy rustic tree. I love pinecones…the more the merrier.

This next creation really favors to my love of oversized…and for the theatrical limits of decorating for Christmas. This display from L& R bookshop in Notting Hill got me thinking…how great would it be to do a giant Santa’s naughty nice list that hung from the ceiling–flowing into the corners, behind and around a christmas tree. We used to have a Santa about 6 inches tall from Hallmark that was holding a scrolled list, and my mom had added our family’s names onto the ornament in the same style as the others. It was one of my favorite decs growing up.

Tip to take away: purchase a long roll of paper (or maybe fabric) and write names down for as long as you can…checking some off, relegating some to naughty etc. and Starting from the ceiling, drape your list around. Using fishing line or thin balsa wood or dowel rods to create creases at various points would really make this look fantastic. If you had a giant entryway, staircase or other area with tall ceilings this could be a cheap, yet dramatic decoration. And done carefully, could be rolled up and stored in postal tube for next year.