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Meet Matilda…

This is two months overdue…but we have a new member of the family! Matilda, the french bulldog, has joined the Mister and I as our new little cuddlebug. After we lost Olive earlier this year, we had a little gap in our family and finally felt it was the time. She joined us at 3 months old (see top right) and is settling in nicely (and growing!!). I couldn’t imagine a bigger cuddler, I hope she doesn’t grow out of it! She’s asleep on my lap as we speak, which is getting to be a bit of a struggle as she grows. She is very similar to Olive in some aspect  (for all the reasons we loved frenchies so much) but comes with completely new parts of  personality as well, so it’s been great. Welcome Tilly Teacup to Pillar Box Post, I’m sure you’ll become a little star here!



Oh Deer, stuck inside a winter wonderland

No need to flee to the weather channel to figure out if New York City has been covered in snow…sadly we haven’t. But there is a little winter wonderland present in the flat right now. At first I thought I might be a bit late since Christmas is over and the decorations are all packed away…but on second thought, winter hasn’t even arrived here yet, so why should non-Christmassy winter stuff be shoved away (and because I have no idea how to pack them!). These lovely little ‘snow globes’ for lack of a better term were a real project of many inspirations–one part Anthropologie, one part Martha Stewart, one part family and voilà!

I had saved Martha Stewart’s tutorial for snow globes ages ago…and then when I saw these variations at Anthropologie with my sister-in-law we set about picking up mason jars, salt and pepper shakers and glitter. Then at Thanksgiving I went home and my stepmum had picked up all sorts of lovely bits like bell jars, dishes, moss, deer and even…a pillar box! Crowning touch if I do say so myself. I picked up a few pinecones in Riverside Park and that was it– a little piece of nature (and england) in NYC.

Along the way we learned the following useful facts that might help you if you were to take this on:

1. Using artificial snow  as a base builds up a nice shape. We then used fine white glitter on top for the sheen. I also dripped some glue around on the ridge of the deer and the top of the pillar box so some glue would stick on top…

2.  Don’t shake the salt shaker…unless you’ve made sure the holes are covered. Oops.

3. Schleich animals have a nice ‘vintage’ look about them and can be found MUCH more easily (for instance at Michael’s) than proper vintage characters…trust me we’ve tried!

and last, and certainly most useful…

3. Small town train stores have a lot of small figurines…not ice skaters unfortunately, but they do a cracking business in homeless people and prisoners….so ughm depending on the theme of your winter wonderland that could be ughm…well frankly useless.

photos by pillar box post. lamp & table from West Elm


Leaving on a jet plane…

Well, well well..lookie what we have a here. A long overdue post, and a big announcement as well. I’ve been spending the last few months working on a few life changes and finally it’s time to come clean. No, sadly it’s not a lottery win, or a baby (as it seems is quite a common blogger ‘life changer’), but rather a relocation. Pillar Box Post was created as a way to catalog my love of my life…which was a step out of the ordinary as a born-American, that lived in London and my journey of becoming legally and emotionally a citizen of both the US and the UK. But now that things were just finally settling down, why not shake things up a bit? Perhaps accept a job relocation to New York City!? Which is exactly what we are doing. In three. short. weeks!! Eeek!!

I won’t bore you with all the details, but the short version is that the design agency I previously designed for is opening an office on 5th Avenue and I am heading off to see to all things creative! So the past few months have been spent organizing, and then organizing…oh and a bit more organizing so that David and Olive can enter the USA with me. Things are really starting to kick up a notch now and fall into place, so hopefully posts will be happening a bit more frequently. Obviously, I’ll have new things to keep an eye on as I learn New York, but I hope to keep a foot firmly planted in the English side as well. I think I need that to make this transition a little less weepy! This opportunity fell on my lap, when I wasn’t looking for it, and I’m very happy to be doing it. I feel no wrong can come from it, but it is emotional, as I don’t feel like I’m going home…as here is home, but where is here and well I could talk this around in circles. I’m not American, I’m not British…I’m both, and well that’s probably a good place to be! So here’s to Kensington, home of the Pillar Box Post v1…roll on West Village, home to Pillar Box Post, the future!


Well so much for being less weepy, just got a bit emotional reading this post before I published…oops! So let’s concentrate on something a bit cheerier – Olive’s method of transportation– a stripey inner tube! I thought this post needed something a bit fun, so I set to work this weekend to bring our move to life. And what did I come up with? Olive floating across the pond, without parental supervision. Sheesh, well at least she took the luggage with her as well…which is unusual, because from my experience she isn’t the most helpful of puppies!


Illustrations by Pillar Box Post



Tea Time

I’m getting worried about my growing dependancy on Marks & Spencer for good design, packaging and collaborations with illustrators. First there were the piles of Christmas tins that I just had to make space for in our flat. Now I’ve spotted their new ‘naturally caffeine free’ teas and well, who can pass up those colours…or that peacocks decoration? They are the work of Stuart Kolakovic who also lent his hand to the Marks & Spencer Christmas tree decorations which appear on just about every surface imaginable – window displays, signage, shopping bags… At least this habit is slightly more healthy then the endless supply of cookies!

Thanks to the dieline for the heads up

Want more of Marks & Spencer? Check out their Christmas tins…part one & part two


The Makeover

So as you might have noticed, there have been some changes around the blog in the past few days…perhaps some new type, menus and faces? Well, it’s basically an unnecessary job that I created for myself to get out the old colouring utensils and call in some favours from friends (or former friends as they may be after all this). All in an effort to create something that made me smile a bit more than the other hodge podge site that I’ve been using for the past year and a half. This change has been in the works for a while, but wasn’t moving very fast until the past month when thing seemed to kick into overdrive. First up is the new ‘logo’ and brand of Pillar Box Post. I couldn’t help myself and have already ordered (and received) my rubber stamp of the logo. It hasn’t made its way onto anything as yet, but squeals were heard all around London regardless. And to help the logo out a bit is a pillar box graphic to boot…cleaner and dare I say stamp worthy as well. Yikes, already one stamp in, without any applications and I’m already ordering more?!

Also making an appearance are the unofficial staff of Pillar Box Post…an international band of merry men (and women) if I do say so myself. Olive, the french bulldog, appears across the blog, but most permanently in the ‘loves‘ section. Mainly because she is a lovely little cuddlebug and the closest thing I have to a child…so she seemed to sit quite nicely with all my ‘web loves’, err or what you might traditionally know as a blogroll. Any sites I like, be it blog, shop or other— that’s where you will find them.

Betsy, the dutch bicycle, is my means of transportation (okay okay, admittedly, my fair weather transport) in real life, and also in the blogworld. If you visit Betsy in the ‘sign up‘ section you can subscribe by email to the blog, or find out how to find me on a blog reader or twitter. And she promises to deliver in all forms of weather, not just the nice sunny days.

And last but not least is Hedgie, the english hedgehog or Mr. Pillar Box Post. A true Brit, he’s wise and will help you find things in the ‘search’ area of the top header. Aside from the fact my mister is neither ginger, a bond villian (which is the only place I see a monocle and a bowler hat working in modern times) or less than fabulous at finding things in the real world…in the land of the blog, he’s uber efficient.

Also new is a bit of a speed lesson on who I am, so if you are new, or just have forgotten about me…you might take a gander at the ‘about‘ page which I promise will hold something embarrassing about me, even if I don’t realize it now. And some small pictures that may or may not jog your memory as to whether we might have been actual friends in the real world some time ago…

Whew, I think that is about it…hope you like it and may the regularly scheduled posting begin!

In case you haven’t noted, we’ve moved!

The paint isn’t even dry and already we’ve unpacked in our new home at www.pillarboxpost.com

It’s a bit of cosmetic uplift with some room to grow in the future, but most importantly, you can continue to find whatever it is that you like about us at this address. For some of you who already used this url, it will stay the same. No more pillarboxpost.wordpress.com (we’ve shed the ‘wordpress’ part), which means for those of you who subscribe, thank you and and see below to find out how you can continue to get your postal delivery.

To subscribe to the new feed:

Use this: http://pillarboxpost.com/feed/

Or to use a blog reader, click the appropriate link

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twitter: no worries for you, it’s all is the same!

If you have any questions, please let me know at hello[at]pillarboxpost.com, and hope to be seeing you around the neighborhood!


I love lovebirds…

I have a real thing for statement gold animal rings. I bought a gold rabbit ring from new look for a fiver a few months ago and sadly it turned my hand green on its second wearing, so I reckon I need to step up to the Marc Jacobs lovebird rings. I know, not strictly an animal, but close enough. And twice as nice, as there are two…In fact, it’s like a buy one get one free to pass on to a friend? Any takers?

Ring retails at £85