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A little story about…an elusive scarf

Oh Madewell…we’re going to come to blows soon. I’m batting ‘oh-for-five’ at the moment with you. Despite dedicating a significant portion of my income to you lately I keep guessing wrong as to what I should be paying full amount for (as I love it enough to not want to risk it being sold out) or waiting to pick it up in the sale. I think everything I’ve bought full price has entered into a very well priced sale state…whilst the pieces I loved but thought wouldn’t, have sold out! Number one on this list is the elusive storyteller scarf collection. I work across the street from Madewell…dangerous I know…and have literally been eyeing up the red/teal/green/orange map scarf for months. When I finally thought, ‘sod it…I obviously like it enough to splurge’ it’s gone! As are all the other scarves from the collection that use maps, typography and other fabulous bits and bobs in great colours to add glamour and cheeriness to any outfit. You can read a bit more about how they created the collection here on their blog, which will make you fall in love all the more. They literally cut up maps, and made collages, using real glue…in this day and age? Very impressed!  So please bring back the storyteller scarves Madewell…or be prepared to tell me another story. Perhaps the one about a new scarf, yet to be released, that I’m going to like even more than the previous ones. I like that one…and I promise I’ll buy it full price this time, so stop punishing me.


Hello ‘Ello

I’m a giant walking, talking hypocrite. I’m always saying I was born at the wrong time…that I was meant for another decade, preferably one where main streets thrived, were full of cute cars, people lived simpler lives and technology wasn’t so messy. And then I spend most of my life with some form of technology. I know, ick. So in a completely superficial move, I like my technology to be softened a bit, at least visually, so that it doesn’t seem so new-agey (unless it’s new-agey in Jetsons style…that’s okay with me). In the past I’ve had cork and wooden cases for my old iPhones so with the new Iphone 4s, something a bit different was necessary. Still staying with the natural vs. tech vibe, but this time it needed a bit of personalization…enter ‘Hello ‘Ello’! I found a company that would accept custom designs to be laser cut into wood. I messed around in illustrator trying out a few phrases—the one I originally wanted was ” ‘ello sunshine’ a good cheery message I’ve been known to utter…but I just couldn’t get the type to look right, so it morphed into Hello ‘Ello. I hand drew it, then redrew it on the computer, uploaded and within a few days I had an image of my new design and had it in my hands a week later. Mmm watch out iPad and iMac there might be a branch out there with your name on it.


Toe Polish…

It might be the spring solstice, the impending daylight savings time change…or just the fact that I’ve had a bit of vitamin d the past few days, but I AM READY for spring. Or more likely it’s just a growing obsession with neon, but I would loooove to have a pair of neon toe cap flats for my springy toesies. They seem to be ‘everywhere’ at the moment, but all at quite a springy price. I tried to pacify myself with a pair of £10 Zara metallic toe caps in the Christmas sales, but the feeling of what I can only describe as ‘binder clips on my toes’ is not a good look ( or feel). Can anyone vouch for Jcrew or Kate Spade flats and their worth/quality? Any justification can be forwarded straight on to me, Brittany  c/o the spring shoe fund…

From Top left (clockwise)

Pom Pom Ballet Flats from Jcrew $198 USD

Tipsy shoes by Kate Spade (in yellow) $128

Cece leather and canvas ballet flats (toe view) $128 USD

Miss KG Lychee Ballerina Flats

Pom Pom Ballet Flats from Jcrew (full view) $198 USD


Fancy more neon? I know the feeling. Check out theses diaries or these electric accessories


Comptoir des Classics

What a fabulous reminder of everything I want in my wardrobe- but fail to have. Oh Christmas sales you will be mine!

You can find these outfits and loads of others at comptoir des cotonniers. Be sure to look out for Leon, the resident French bulldog who adorns a shirt at least once a season.


Christmas Wrapping

Bah, humbug! No, that’s too strong ’Cause it is my favorite holiday…To add to my already mad rush, Just ’cause it’s ’tis the season. The perfect gift for me would be… a party outfit!?***

Okay, that’s probably not the perfect gift, but it is the first official day of the ‘season’ and it is the first thing on my giant to-do list: Wrapping myself up for a ‘black tie’ event next weekend.

Okay, dress, check…everything else to go with it, not so much. The long sleeve dress, above, has been happily hanging in my wardrobe for a few weeks after I spotted something I thought was fun, yet appropriate and for an steal. Now I just have to deck it out and make it feel a bit me, which could mean going for a pair of Number 8′s on the list (black shoe boots), with a gorgeous feather fascinator as a bit of edgey interest…or I could keep it simple and go for some dramatic eyelashes…or take a fabulous bit of advice from one of you as I’m sure you can help make a decision. I just have to stop getting distracted by fabulous Christmas carols, especially this favourite*** , or I’m likely to be going in a dress and nothing else!


Long Sleeve Dress £39.99 || Peter Pan Collar Dress £39.99

1. Take a Bow by Office £65 || 2. Camel Feather Fascinator by 2adorn £28 || 3. That Friday Feeling Glitter heels by Office £54 || 4. stylist prop for jigsaw || 5. Sequin cap and bow from topshop £18.50 || 6. Edie fascinator by 2adorn £36 || 7. That Friday Feeling Glitter heels by Office £54 || 8. Theola shoe boots from ASOS £45 || 9. Camel Feather Fascinator by 2adorn £28 || 10. Ellesha fascinator by 2adorn £36 || 11. feather headband from River Island £9.99


I love lovebirds…

I have a real thing for statement gold animal rings. I bought a gold rabbit ring from new look for a fiver a few months ago and sadly it turned my hand green on its second wearing, so I reckon I need to step up to the Marc Jacobs lovebird rings. I know, not strictly an animal, but close enough. And twice as nice, as there are two…In fact, it’s like a buy one get one free to pass on to a friend? Any takers?

Ring retails at £85