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A little story about…an elusive scarf

Oh Madewell…we’re going to come to blows soon. I’m batting ‘oh-for-five’ at the moment with you. Despite dedicating a significant portion of my income to you lately I keep guessing wrong as to what I should be paying full amount for (as I love it enough to not want to risk it being sold out) or waiting to pick it up in the sale. I think everything I’ve bought full price has entered into a very well priced sale state…whilst the pieces I loved but thought wouldn’t, have sold out! Number one on this list is the elusive storyteller scarf collection. I work across the street from Madewell…dangerous I know…and have literally been eyeing up the red/teal/green/orange map scarf for months. When I finally thought, ‘sod it…I obviously like it enough to splurge’ it’s gone! As are all the other scarves from the collection that use maps, typography and other fabulous bits and bobs in great colours to add glamour and cheeriness to any outfit. You can read a bit more about how they created the collection here on their blog, which will make you fall in love all the more. They literally cut up maps, and made collages, using real glue…in this day and age? Very impressed!  So please bring back the storyteller scarves Madewell…or be prepared to tell me another story. Perhaps the one about a new scarf, yet to be released, that I’m going to like even more than the previous ones. I like that one…and I promise I’ll buy it full price this time, so stop punishing me.


Present(s) & Correct

Tis the season to be a pop up shop, or at least it is if you want to be something brilliant and beautifully styled…Latest on the London scene is one of my favourite online shops, Present & Correct. They are a London based, online stationery shop that specialise in everything that makes me inexplicably want to have a 35 foot long desk. But as for some funny reason they don’t have that as their mission statement, I think they would probably define it more like stationery, vintage products and handmade work from designers all over the world. As expected the translation of their tone, quirk and design elements worked brilliantly in their mini classroom, choc-a-block with goodies like cardboard desks, giant pencils floating in the window, chalkboard, library cart of vintage books, red post box (for letters to Santa…) and the giant stencil shop name in the front window. A shop truly deserving of some square footage…

After getting a bit starstruck talking to Neal, the extremely talented designer/illustrator behind the shop, I spent my time pointing out nearly everything to David for my Christmas list. In the excitement, I decided to bring home a little present, of a pack of paper goodness, a bit early. The envelope is stuffed with vintage ephemera like tickets, stencils, cards, labels etc…all those things as a designer that you think ‘oh if this only looked like classic ticket..’, to then think, ‘but what does that look like’? It will pay for itself several times over I’m sure of it…you can get your own goodies here or make the rest of your own Christmas list—there’s still time!

To visit the shop, get down to…

5 Back Hill Road, London EC1R

The seasonal classroom open now until 21st December. Monday – Saturday 12-6.30pm
Open until 9pm on thursdays (with mulled wine, hot Ribena and satsumas)

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Images by pillar box post


High Standards…

The pictures don’t do this place justice, so you’ll just have to take a trip to NYC yourself… I recently stayed at the Standard hotel in Chelsea/Meatpacking district and was really impressed. If you like texture it’ll be your heaven. It’s a blend of a lot of different styles, namely 60′s and scandanavian in the main hotel but it goes all out in the eating establishments. Every corner seemed to have another thing to ogle. I mean seriously, pennies glued to the floor in the restaurant, typographic placemats, bright pops of yellow on the doors, outdoor lighting that resembles cymbals atop a lightbulb… It’s amazing I was able to get any sleep at all…

Do beware if you go with someone you don’t know very well, the showers are only separated from the rest of the room by a transparent glass wall…and you are only separated from the rest of NYC by a room wide glass wall. Such a friendly place! Oh and all the boys in the hotel lobby are darling and look like rivers cuomo from weezer circa 1994, how do you cultivate that surreal effect I wonder?

For more information on the Standard visit their website or book or check out Tablet Hotels

The poor quality images of the Living room and outside are mine, the nice Hotel Images from Tablehotels; Floor of Pennies image from Notcot; Standard Grill photo from hotelchatter; outside standard grill from nydailynews


Currently in the post…

Currently awaiting two items from the ASOS fairy…I’m torn between hoping they are ugly so I can return them and crossing my fingers that they are as fabulous as I see them in my head. What do you think?

ASOS bell sleeve dress £28 & ASOS temple studded suede boots £55


Pop up Houses…

I was tickled when I heard from illustrator, Max Dalton today…it’s not everyday you get an email from a ‘monocle‘ illustrator or an artist producing fabulous ( + fabuloulsy affordable) prints. He’s recently created a couple of cut out sets to allow you to build a little mid-century modern scenes–namely the Sunday barbecue and the cocktail party scenario. And if you have a phobia of destroying artwork *ahem-me* or just don’t fancy having a miniature time warp on your desk, the design is created to be framed, flat (and unharmed!).

I can’t quite put my finger on why, but this somehow reminds me of a dollhouse that I had at my grandma’s house growing up–probably solely for the fact that it was all ‘faux’ rooms with just illustrations printed on it, and the one side flapped down so that you could access the inside of the house…but viola on doing so you created a patio, complete with beautiful aqua pool. Sigh, I LOVED pools in any capcity growing up, but especially in illustrations, drawings, book covers etc. I’m thinking the phone on my desk at work is really unecessary, whereas a fake flat pool and pom pom palm trees on the other hand. Perfectly practical.

To see more of Max’s work visit his blog, or shop.

Cocktail Party Cutouts and Sunday Barbecue Cutout Set start at $28

*( there is a variety of sizes on different papers at different price points)

I also am eyeing up the other work in his portfolio including the Clouds poster which you can buy here and the sad mr. unicorn. Obviously his exclusion from the trip was in the interests of safety for everyone else, but I’m sad for him nonetheless…

Still want more? Perhaps you would be interested in this World Map Poster or more about the Monocle brand.