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I C Bikes 2

      Should you stay or should you go…the story of our lives recently, but not in regards to us. We are definitely in the ‘go’ lane, I’m talking more about our possessions! We live in a studio flat, so you wouldn’t think we had all that much in the first place, but regardless of [...]

Old School Hooligans…

I love my dear bicycle Betsy, I do…but sometimes she is quite the wide load, which unless you have a pack mule of a husband, willing to carry up and down steps etc. you’re a bit out of luck. Which is where a cute, retro styled, city bike would come in very handy. And seriously at [...]

Le Tour de Frenchie…

Get the yellow jerseys ready—little Olive Juice had her debut bicycling trip! I have wanted a doggie bike basket since before I even had a cycle, let alone Olive, but the cost vs risk put it on the backburner. On friday, I spotted the spotty bike complete with adorable jimmy on black eiffel and the [...]