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A cabin holiday preview

I recently chronicled our adventures back at the family cabin (aka my dad & stepmum’s house…sounds more glamourous saying ‘the family cabin’) for my old friends Boden. It’s up on their blog now so you can see how Matilda & I celebrated on our time off at Thanksgiving. Here are a few outtakes, but check [...]

Living it Up…

When I went to Disney World as a child, I was super excited about the 20,000 leagues under the sea experience. Our family had a bit of a thing for sea things, my brother loved scuba men and my mom and I mermaids…but it was closed. And then I went years later…and it was still [...]

The Adventures of the Red Baron (and friends)…

So I previously mentioned that I had escaped England a few weeks ago. The main reason was for a few days of work in New York City and New England, but I was lucky enough to be able to lengthen my stay for a bit of personal time. A few head scratching synchronizations later, we [...]

Fall in Love…

I’m rather suddenly hating everything in my wardrobe. I blame my multiple look disorder…I never have managed to pick out just one style to focus on, rather float between lots never making a decision about where my style is going. However I see some hope…some things I picked up last year are falling rather nicely [...]

Weekend Escape…to the cotswolds

Two weeks ago I mentioned we were escaping to the country. We went, we saw, we had a breath of fresh air (followed by a week that erased it all!) and now I’m finally catching up to share. I really wish it could have been longer, but the Cotswalds really are so close we can [...]