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Taking over from Rob Ryan in the ‘artist’s studio’ of the Pick Me Up fair was Anthony Burrill. I was tempted to buy a newspaper or postcard set as it looks incredible as wallpaper! Nice simple graphics and messages. – For more work from this years Pick Me Up fair, check out these cardboard creations…or work [...]

Card Bored…

Yesterday, there was paper, today cardboard…a touchy touchy craft extravaganza! A few weekends ago, David and I made a visit to the Pick Me Up, the graphic arts fair at Somerset House in London. We made a visit last year and were impressed with the work, so there was a lot to live up to…and [...]

Type of Wall…

What ‘type’ of walls do you have…painted, wallpapered or TYPED? This fabulous texture just goes to show that even a sportstore* can be the source of drool and inspiration. Okay, yes the store is an experiential giant for one of the biggest brands in the world, but still… Although I’d pass with having random tennis players on [...]

Sweet View

London visitors rejoice, for your souvenir quest is over…Jack Noel from Sweet View contacted me a few days ago regarding his fine art prints that were born from a sketchbook diary that he used throughout 2009 to draw whatever was around him on a daily basis. I love the limited and unexpected colour palettes and would love to [...]

Present(s) & Correct

Tis the season to be a pop up shop, or at least it is if you want to be something brilliant and beautifully styled…Latest on the London scene is one of my favourite online shops, Present & Correct. They are a London based, online stationery shop that specialise in everything that makes me inexplicably want [...]

East End Pub Crawl through your house

Ooh, always on the lookout for London souvenirs that don’t require you to throw out all your design scruples, I’m really liking these cushions by Mr. Wingate. Part of his East End Pub Crawl Series, the cushions (and tea towels) feature pubs from the East side of  London. Would be perfect if you were lucky enough to [...]