Decision 2012: Artwork

Decision 2012 might sound like some horribly misplaced political article or a terribly clean and unfunny Jon Stewart segment… but really it’s just my new household initiative. Adorn the wall with frames and then decide on some artwork, and No spending months, years with empty frames waiting for the right thing to suddenly appear. Just make it happen. So pleased to introduce you to the ¬†two new pieces of eye candy on the wall. First, I saw this fabulous ‘mermaid’ print on the blog of my favourite new obsession, the stylist Emily Henderson (seriously she needs a whole post dedicated to her and my stalking of her incredible style) but for now, I’ll keep it short. I love everything she does, she had some artwork on her blog. I saw, I liked and I purchased. In about a four minute turnaround. This is a completely foreign¬†behavior, but apparently contagious because just a few short weeks later a great image of my Grandpa came through from an Aunt. They had found an image of him from on top of a Red Cross building in China during the War and with some clever help from my uncle they made a jpeg and literally THAT night, it was up on my wall. I’m planning on rewarding myself with more frames for the wall. And it’s because of this crazy behaviour that means I’ll never become President…Unless it’s of my own house and then I graciously accept the nomination. See ya at the polls David!

You can have your very own copy of ‘Married to the Sea‘ by Tastes Orangey for $25

However, I’m afraid you’ll have to find your very own cool & handsome Grandpa. He’s all mine.

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  • Darcy said on August 28, 2012 11:20 am

    Love them both! I honestly thought “Married to the Sea” was a painting of you! (your grandpa is quite cool and handsome)

  • Mutte said on August 28, 2012 2:31 pm

    I also thought the “mermaid” was you! And the photo of Grandpa during WWII brings a lump to my throat with him about to celebrate his 91st birthday soon!

  • clare said on August 29, 2012 8:54 pm

    Brittany, thank you so much for including my work on your lovely blog. Your grandpa is such a handsome fellow, sheesh! I really like your framing too :)

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