Card Bored…

Yesterday, there was paper, today cardboard…a touchy touchy craft extravaganza! A few weekends ago, David and I made a visit to the Pick Me Up, the graphic arts fair at Somerset House in London. We made a visit last year and were impressed with the work, so there was a lot to live up to…and I say it did pretty well. I had less of the wow-factor than last year as it had been something new BUT there were still some goodies.

The artist behind my favourite was Matthew Nicholson who designed a series of giant cardboard objects revolving around the theme ‘a few of our favourite things…’ for Nobrow had a special cove. My favourite was the Wacom tablet, but probably just because it’s a topical thing for me as I’ve started using one this year and have already grown way too attached to it. The Cup of Tea Chair with fabric tea bag was pretty incredible too as was the giant sushi, sneaker and watch. Everything was probably 3-5 feet in height/width and made of cardboard.  Plus check out this image here which shows the bookcase that completely passed me by..a typographic bookcase that was laser cut from over 25 sheets of 3  x 1.5 m heavy duty cardboard! How did I miss that? Probably too busy ogling the 5 foot shrimp I guess…

All photos by Pillar Box Post

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