Monthly Archives: August 2010

From the desk of…

I seriously can’t get enough of Present and Correct…nor can I get over these fabulously adorable/affordable ‘ from the desk of…’ stamps. Clever, cute, snail mail worthy and english made. I can’t say anymore… from the desk of…’ stamps available from Present and Correct for £7.50 each

Sourced Market

Photos by Me It was this time last year that we were running through London’s St. Pancras Train Station and I spotted the Sourced Market. Despite having sprinted across London to make our train, I then felt the need to stop and have a wee little wander because I wanted to look at every little [...]

The build went swimmingly…

So simple and yet so sweet! A fish hotel/condo/flat/maisonette/holiday home….the possibilities are endless. I’m really trying to ignore the reality of icky unvacuumed water and concentrate on the imaginary curtains hanging on all the windows! Fish Hotel by Teddy Loung $25 USD The fish hotel is a glass fishbowl with a white ABS shell. fishbowls [...]

Clip it…clip it good

It’s been years since the Martha Stewart ‘how to’ was stashed in my inspiration folders. Long years of yearning for a clipboard, which I’m on the verge of fulfilling. The only problem is….How sad am I going to be at having to cover up all these beauties. I mean I’ve been tempted to make the [...]

In the House

I’m slightly concerned. About myself. First off, I literally mighavepossibly actually squealed when I saw House Industries new prints. Which is worrying for varying reasons, but I’ll move on. Two, I fear I might have some self manifested issue that when wall space, framing possibilities are taken away from me, I naturally (mentally) hoard an [...]

Pop up Houses…

I was tickled when I heard from illustrator, Max Dalton today…it’s not everyday you get an email from a ‘monocle‘ illustrator or an artist producing fabulous ( + fabuloulsy affordable) prints. He’s recently created a couple of cut out sets to allow you to build a little mid-century modern scenes–namely the Sunday barbecue and the [...]