Monthly Archives: June 2010

These shoes are made for walking…

I’ve been a bit absent lately…not for lack of effort, in fact quite the opposite. I’ve been getting down and dirty with life and design, taking a few days off to attempt to complete a project or two (can I just sadly note, that they did not get completed BUT are further along than before. [...]

Jumping Wales…

Rock climbing. Sun. Water. Whales….err or Wales…Oh the adventures we had! Last week we headed off to Wales on a group holiday of fresh air and vowel-less words (playing scrabble with a welsh version is uber tricky) and most excitingly. a foray into Coasteering. Coasteering is basically scrambling, climbing, swimming and cliff jumping your way around [...]

Oh crop.

England’s summer has sprung…it’s actually hot outside right now! But I’m realistic and I know that it will soon find itself on its way and then I can indulge in my longstanding obsession with cropped trousers (and brogues). Cole Haan & The Selby had me drooling again this morning… Darn you skinny mole trousers and [...]

Camping it up…Round 2

A few weeks ago I posted some fabulous places and products available in the camping scene these days (or glamping as the case may be)…and in typical fashion, as soon as I had published the post, I kept seeing more and more. Ahh so why not throw some more eco fabulous places your way–like a [...]

Emerson Made Lovely Things…

I know EmersonMade has made the blog rounds, but somehow I was blind to it –until I saw this & that on ohjoy and fell in love. What specifically? The colour palette…the fabulous leather belt, the textures, the patterns, the great obi style belt with mustard skirt…isn’t that enough? Flower Chains $125 USD Spring Clutches [...]

Kitchen Moodboard. Done.

I think it’s probably a good thing I’m not wealthy beyond my years and that we live in a flat the size of a bedroom…it gives me the opportunity to develop my style, without wasting hard earned money. If I would have had a house a few years ago (and had money to furnish it) [...]