Christmas in the window…

I love window displays…it’s all the practical arts all combined into one…crafts, typography, display, styling, messaging etc. AND it can be soooo good ( or as the east end of Oxford Street could suggest, very bad indeed). I trudged out into the rain a few days ago to try and document a few of the widows around London town. On my adventure I discovered that it is very hard to take a good picture of a window, because of a) the reflections and b) if you are too sensitive to the workers staring at you, you tend to blur photos whilst running away.

These shop windows are a great source for home decorative inspriation, because I feel at this time of the year you can do “displays” and a bit more theatrical with the decor. here goes..

First up, is Bonpoint, the french childrens clothier. Very simple, but very elegant. I love sticks, branches…well basically anything tree related, so this hits it for me. Its on the darker end of the Christmas spectrum, with nary a red and green in sight. It’s how I imagine the pixies in the woods celebrate Christmas, wearing their little cloaks of fur/leaves.

Tip to take away: Why not rustle up some fabric/paperĀ  and create a seasonal wall hanging. You could try a tree (perhaps more evergreen) and use it as a space saving tree.

Next up is a more traditional red/green/evergreen look …but with a dark theatrical twist from from Aubin and Wills. I think this look goes great with the gold lettering that is already existent on their shoppe…I feel like I could go back 100 years and see children running up to a shop like this looking at the latest dolls and ughm…what else did they have 100 years ago, wooden horses??

Tip to take away: Leave the green to the foilage, and concentrate colours on black, dark moody reds, and gold. Add white lights for a classic, but dramatic look.

This last window from Ted Baker is actually awful…BUT it does have polar bears in disguises which is pretty funny, so I’ll let it through.

Tip to take away: Have one of those front yard displays compelete with santa, reindeer or other christmas characters? Give everyone a bit more to look at than crappy peeling paint. Dress up the figurines as something else, whether its christmas related, like this polar bear as ‘the snowman’ or perhaps santa has gone under disguise to avoid the paparazzi.

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  • Louise said on December 15, 2009 12:22 pm

    The Bonpoint window is so beautiful. How lovely is that cape! xx


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