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When we moved into our studio flat a month ago I finally felt like I could start to develop a dfferent look & feel for our living space. Previously we had made an instinctive  decision that went wrong (a black leather sofa that somehow looked great and quirky in the showroom, but just oozed of smarmy bachelor pad in it’s real setting). Every decorative decision had to work around this and all the other dark furniture we had painted or bought to match it and it was horrible. I tried to introduce colour and it ended up looking like a rainbow and ew ew ew. Soooo we sold our sofa and most of our furniture upon moving into our new flat which came with  a nice light tan, inoffensive sofa. This paired with the wooden floors and light off white walls were all part of the reason I had chosen this place. I was excited about sitting down and taking my time thinking about what style I wanted to embrace. Well, our neighbor situation put that easy going timeframe into overdrive when they demanded we bought rugs ASAP to make up for the fact THEY don’t have proper soundproofing. I had no idea what style of rug I wanted, but after a Sunday of scouring I had to make a decision.

I wanted to stay light, so we didn’t get into the dark modern territory again, BUT miss olive juice goes to the park several times a day and nearly always comes back with an extra five pounds of dirt attached to her little chicken legs, so it had to be something that wasn’t too light or plain. After looking through my archive of interiors photos, it seemed as if most houses that I liked has sisal rugs (not so friendly to a puppies bare skin or us lying on the ground), or sheepskin/animal hide rugs ( another no go for cleaning). I decided pattern was probably the best way to go, so I could still go light, but at least there would be pattern to break up the expanse and not be so evident if a little dirt did make it past the door. Oh, and as we are always moving, under £300 budget as well. Oh and thick enough to be soundproof. Whew.

I pulled off any image I thought could possibly be interesting and they seemed to all fall into one of the following categories:

1.GRAPHIC ( think crate and barrel, cb2 and west elm style. Usually tone on tone or one main colour with a small accent)

2. COLOURFUL PATTERN (think anthropologie with full on patterns full of different colours– used to mix, contrast and clash with other patterns/colours)

3. NATURAL (think sisal, simple lines/patterns).

I selected what I thought was my favorite and before I made a rash purchase again, i tried to think through what else I would pair with it if we chose it  ( I have a habit of just picking all different things that I like and not really thinking about whether they will work together usually resulting in visual throwup).

So this moodboard is the area rug hunt results: Spring rug in cream from woven ground a site full of great rugs. I splurged for the extra thick luxury pad and the total came to £211, which was under budget! Sadly, I was the ‘victim’ of a processing error which has meant that my 7-10 days to wait for the rug have now passed and I’m waiting for the next shipment to arrive from Holland–another 10 days. So miffed, but excited to see how it works!

Also making an appearance in the moodboard are:

inspirational photos from anthropologie

Amerpsand Pillow by Petit Coterie

Antique skeleton keys burlap pillow cover by Styled Spaces

Blake sofa by westelm

Upholstery fabric swatches from

Spring rug by woven ground

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  • Joselyn Antiques said on November 23, 2009 9:09 pm

    Kas Oriental Rugs Chateau Rugs by KAS Chateau 3610 Ashleigh Court are beautiful area rugs. Joselyn Antiques

  • zemSeedegerog said on November 24, 2009 10:50 am

    Waow loved reading this article. I submitted your feed to my blogreader.

  • karen said on December 24, 2010 5:40 am

    Great post love the couches so perfect for the living room that i have and have the color.

  • johan said on October 13, 2014 7:35 am

    so beautiful rugs , i enjoyed your picture .so beautiful


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