Monthly Archives: October 2009

Around Town: Killington VT

After Boston, I met up with my family and we headed up to spend an evening in Killington Vermont. Sadly, we were a little ahead of mother nature and the trees weren’t in fully glory, but it was gorgeous nonetheless. We had fantastic weather and since it wasn’t officially “tree peeper” season it was quiet. [...]

Around Town: Boston part II

Continuing on with the trip… 1.Harvard On my second day I took the subway to the Harvard campus,  just in time for the 9 o’clock rush to class. I got caught in the throng of students so just followed along until we reached the doors, then stopped and opened my book and read in the [...]

Around Town: Boston part 1

How inconsiderate to leave pillarboxpost all by it’s lonesome the past two weeks without a word. It’s been ( and will be) rather busy as we are selling the contents of our flat, moving and we just had a trip back to the states to visit family. It was supposed to be a relaxing recharge [...]